Smiling is Contagious

In a town not far away, a chocolate master seeks and discovers the mystery of happiness.


  • Crossmedia

  • Digital Creative Group Head

  • 2012

Smiling is Contagious.

In a town not far away; where the residents never smile, a chocolate master seeks and discovers the mystery of happiness and produces a chocolate to make people happy...

The online video, telling the story of the very first Ulker chocolate bar followed by a facebook application to spread the love among people...

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  • IDEA

What's more contagious then a smile? Or to put it right, what spreads like happiness in the digital era? Yes! a viral video. It's not called a viral video for no reason, duh!

So, to tell the story of the first Ulker chocolate bar, an online video seems like the best way.


We also created a facebook app to spread the love where the user becomes our main character, the chocolate master.

Enter the chocolate factory; add milk, cocoa and other ingridients (hazelnut & pistachio) and make your own Ulker chocolate bar. Don't forget to add "happiness" before sharing with your loved ones.


“Smiling is Contagious” web movie has been watched by 2,900,000+ viewers and gathered thousands of positive comments at video sharing sites like Youtube, VidiVodo and and strengthened the bond between the consumers and Ulker Chocolate.

The video also won the Bronze Mixx at 2012 IAB Mixx Awards, Online Videos category.