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  • 2021

Podcast Album Covers

I was contracted by Nimbletank to design the podcast album covers for BNP Paribas AM's various podcasts.

These will be ‘podcast image cards’ and should convey to the user that the content is a podcast as well as provide the user with the title explaining to the listener what the content is (category of content).

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The podcast card should:

. Deliver a strong message of BNP Paribas Asset Management’s thought leadership

. Ensure a recognisable family of BNPP AM branded podcasts

. Clearly convey what the content of the podcasts is about (the title itself will be obvious)

. We need listeners to recognise that they are BNPP AM podcasts


Many other brands have moved away from the user of icons (microphones and head phones) to more simplistic and engaging designs more akin to an album cover.

A quick scan of the market reveals that our competitors are focusing on larger text and brand colours over complex graphic elements which seems to be a general trend due to scale


Most Podcast covers don’t really use headphone, play button or microphone icons anymore… unless they are podcasts about podcasts, microphones or play buttons.

Typography over imagery.

Podcast covers are always seen with supporting text.

Podcast covers could be seen on a BNPPAM owned site, or in a third party podcast site.


Limit Copy

As you can see, podcast artwork needs to look great when it’s big and when it's small. One objective was to keep the words in artwork to a minimum. When artwork displays at thumbnail size, it will be nearly impossible to make out more than three or four words

Future Proof

The minimum podcast artwork size used to be just 300 x 300 pixels. To avoid having to redo artwork in the future, we have future proofed it by creating a larger image closer to the 3000 x 3000 pixels (Apples recommendation). This way, the podcast artwork is good to go if the standard rises again.

Font Selection

The application and use of fonts are an important consideration as the podcast album cover needs to work at different sizes. We have utilised a bold and clear font which scales well.


Using the new ‘Next Generation’ web site design style, we propose using photography with contrasting white typography. (The green filter has been introduced within the Next Generation design route)

Solid colour and strong typography allows the ‘audio wave’ pixel pattern to become a graphic device that will hint at sound and also podcasts.

Using the ‘Star/Birds’ logo device from the core logo and keeping the BNPPAM green square as it’s foundation, we introduce a more subtle branded device.


Many other brands have moved away from the user of icons (microphones and head phones) to more simplistic and engaging designs more akin to an album cover.