Real Beer Lovers

Content is the king. Salih Maya is the king of kings.


  • Crossmedia

  • Digital Creative Director

  • 2013

Real Beer Lovers.

Salih and his buddies are destined to search and tell the truth about beer. Thus was born the Real Beer Lovers Movement.

The campaign's aim is to inform beer consumers about the product via a fictitious movement and characters.

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  • IDEA

Beer is one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in Turkey. Our client Efes Pilsen's rival started a campaign and called all Lager type beers as fake beers.

So we created a genuine character and told the production facts about beer via a series of viral videos. We also created a movement, "Real Beer Lovers Movement", and formed a community of real beer lovers and started a conversation in social media.


Salih Maya is the head of the movement. He is a righteous, honest, straightforward guy. Zekai Ferman and Müfit Arpacı are his buddies. They all have a mutual characteristic: they can't stand injustice...

You may watch all videos here.


We designed a website for the Real Beer Movement, with the manifest and telling the story of the characters.


The viral videos has been watched by +3,100,000 viewers and gathered thousands of positive comments at video sharing sites like Youtube, VidiVodo and

Real Beer Lovers social media accounts skyrocketed from 0 to +15,000 fans in two weeks without any media support*. +20,000 unique visitors visited the microsite again without any media support.

Crystal Apple Awards 2013 - Best Viral Category - Bronze Crystal